About Us

Hello, my name is Teri Shinerock. (with my long time best friend, Romeo)

You may know the name "Burlgirl Creations" from my Etsy shop where I have been a seller since 2013.  But the time has come to go it on my own.  I designed this website as a first step to finally being able to leave Etsy.  I feel that platform has become a place in which values have taken a step back and greed is running the show. So I've left a few items there and let my customers know that I have this website with all of my current inventory. I do not promote the Etsy shop because I hope to eventually have all of my sales through this website and close the Etsy shop for good.

So this is it!!!  My own website. Thank you so much for visiting "Burlgirl Creations"

Everything you see on this website is handmade by me.  I don't use templates or casts.  They are all free form and evolve one piece at a time.  I design, build, list, pack and ship everything by myself. I collect driftwood from the beautiful California/Oregon Coastline which is recycled and given a new life as wreaths, sunbursts, birdhouses, mirrors and many other one of a kind driftwood decorating ideas for your home and outdoor spaces.  I collect moss from local trees to add character and a rustic look to the birdhouses as well. The frames for the birdhouses are made from reclaimed lumber whenever possible and put together with a nails not glue so they will last for many seasons. If you would like to display a sunburst or wreath outside like on the side of your home they would look great and hold up well. But I recommend choosing an area that is protected from the elements like a covered porch or patio to hang them. They are made very well but as with anything left out in the elements, time and weather will eventually wear them out. I don't apply a weather sealer to my pieces because I feel that it makes the driftwood darker in color and the beautiful grain patterns don't show up as well. But if you want to apply a weather sealer to pieces that will be outside, I recommend the spray kind. It dries quickly and seals evenly.

My newest endeavor is building driftwood trees inside old wooden discarded picture frames and window frames. These are very special to me because the tree tells its' own story by the way I build it within the frame. No one can make an exact copy.  I love that.

Keep checking back to see what's new. There are a lot of ideas rolling around in this noggin' of mine .  
You never know what I might come up with next.

I look forward to meeting you!

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